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Road salt supplies crucial to winter safety
Three workouts everyone over 60 needs
5 tips to keep your tires ready for holiday driving
Navigate4Me: Offering a Trusted Guide Along Your Health Journey
New Study Uses Smartphone Technology to Connect the Dots for People with MS, Doctors and Researchers
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Long-term HIV survivors reassure others: 'You are never alone'
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Generic Prescriptions Save Lives ... and Money, Too [Video]
Finding a Zebra in a Crowd of Horses
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Top 9 reasons to adopt a dog
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3 Steps to Help Manage Depression
3 alarming places where germs are hiding in your kitchen
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Simple health tips for busy moms
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Tips to give your pet a happy, healthy fall
Do you really need less salt?
5 Real-life Examples of Ordinary People Who Made an Extraordinary Difference
Highly Anticipated New Medicine for Hemophilia A
Why leftover opioids are dangerous and what you can do
Fall-ify your routine: Transitional skincare tips and tricks
Generic prescriptions save lives ... and money, too
Opioids: How physician anesthesiologists are treating pain responsibly
Life-saving dialysis at 19 leads to career in nursing
Make a fashion statement ... with hearing aids?
Financial Planning Month: 5 things you can do to take the fear out of your finances
Why You Shouldn't Take Generic Drugs for Granted [Infographic]
Know Thrombosis: Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Dangerous Blood Clots
Dual Special Needs Plans help people enrolled in Medicare get additional benefits
Talking Toenail Fungus: What You Need to Know
Simple steps to stay healthy during cold and flu season
What parents need to know about bullying
Leave it to the machines: How to avoid injury during snow season
5 reasons a legal plan is a voluntary benefit you need
Safe and effective: Choose physical therapy for your back pain
5 Tips to Savvy Shopping for Next Year's Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
Low-salt diets may cause serious problems for seniors
Beyond Calcium: 5 Proven Supplements for Women over 40
Balancing 2 (or more) generations under one roof
Me, myself and eye: 5 common behaviors that could be hurting your eyes
Hurricane Florence: What to watch out for during recovery
Helpful advice for couples in search of intimacy after prostate cancer
Debunking myths about grocery store staples
Rats! How these rodents can ruin your day
National Seafood Month: 5 reasons to choose sustainable seafood
One woman's struggle with sickle cell disease and 3 things she wishes you knew
From deductibles to donuts, key terms to know about Medicare Part D
Best friends walk across America to raise money and awareness for veterans
Car seat safety: Tethers prevent injuries [Infographic]
Newborn to 13+: Car safety tips for kids of all ages
This Season the Hygge Design Trend is Back and Bold
Chemical conundrum: 5 ways to keep pesticides away from your kids
4 fall wellness tips for the whole family
8 home security hacks recommended by police
Making it count: 5 tips for choosing a health plan
How one state is fighting food waste
New survey emphasizes need for weather preparedness [Infographic]
Things to know if you have COPD
What does the shortfall of truck drivers mean for the economy?
30-minute Mediterranean meals with grapes
The truth behind food labels
How to spot and treat 4 common children's health Issues
Choose wisely: Complete vs. incomplete proteins
Regular eye checkups key to cognitive health
Professional Football City "Home Team Heartburn Ranking" [Infographic]
Want better workplace results? Research says take it outside
Uncommon - but important - baby safety steps
Your eyes as you age: Tips to help reduce the risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration
How a healthy gut can be good for your well-being
5 recovery tips to keep you active all year long
10 ways to live your best life at any age [Infographic]
Tune in to AFib, Take Note of Stroke Risk [Infographic]
Banish bumpy back-to-school morning routines with #PowerHour tips
How telemedicine improves outcomes for stroke patients
How families can get emergency-ready with 5 questions
7 healthy, kid-approved lunchbox ideas
New home? 6 steps for preventing pests from moving in
Don't have time to walk and meditate? Try them together
A vacation deprivation crisis: Americans are not using their PTO
Why kids have a shortage of free time and what parents can do about it
3 tips to make meal prep into an enjoyable family activity
5 must-know facts about fighting cancer and Immuno-Oncology research
Worried about your children's eyesight? [Infographic]
Quick and easy ways to integrate frozen fruit into your routine
7 surprising benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles
Independent living programs make community living possible [Infographic]
Home sweet home? 6 safety tips when moving with kids
Hearing better on and off the stage
5 back-to-school tips for parents with young athletes
Four simple ways to tune up your nutrition and live healthier longer
Good gut gone bad: The C. diff Invasion
A child's wish to help save lives
6 simple tips to prevent a fall
New technology promotes healthy aging in place
Historic Women's Baseball World Cup unfolds Aug. 22-31 on Florida's Space Coast
Cancer care costs on the rise: How to get help
4 natural ways to support your child this school year
5 reasons to snack on strawberries
Easy entertaining and recipe tips from celebrity chef Katie Lee
6 ways to make the most of your summer getaway
Do you know how that new supplement will affect your existing medication regimen?
CDC: How to navigate vaccinations for your family
Safe ingredients for menopause symptom relief [Video]
Tips for managing occasional sleep trouble [Video]
5 hazards on the road to the Medicare Part D plan that's best for you
5 ways to beat the heat this summer
Age-related macular degeneration: What you should know
Beginning a workout at any age or skill level
Antibiotics are Powerful Tools for Fighting Infections and Sepsis, but Must be Used Appropriately
The health risks of elevated triglycerides [Infographic]
Pollution protection: 5 easy tips for combating the environment's effects on skin
The proactive parent's checklist for back-to-school success
Tips for managing menopausal moodiness [Video]
Tips for relieving hot flashes and night sweats [Video]
Start managing your menopause symptoms today [Video]
Menopause: You're not alone [Video]
Tips for managing menopausal weight change [Video]
The 4 greatest salt myths
Why do mosquitoes keep biting me?
5 tips to amp up the natural benefits of your yard
Wisconsin landmark celebrates 100th birthday
Top tips for choosing the best flowers and plants for home interior spaces
Your summertime prescription: Sweet cherries
Your summer adventure guide to bug-free exploration
4 ways gardening is good for you
Kids and screens: Not all screen time is created equal
Regenerative medicine in action: Age-Repair Defensins turn the table on facial aging
Plan, be positive, unplug: 5 ways to make family meals more enjoyable
Give pets the ultimate mealtime experience
A different approach to preventing child abuse
5 fantastic energy-boosting snacks for fitness success
Watch what you heat: 5 kitchen safety tips
Dinnertime dilemmas from real moms [Infographic]
Seniors' Health Rankings: Where does your state rank?
Don't fear anesthesia when your child needs surgery
Brendan Looney: A life of service before self
Got company? 5 quick and easy refreshments for summer guests
Remodeling to age in place? Make changes where it matters most
Fight pregnancy symptoms with these feel-good pregnancy nutrients
5 tips for busy women to take charge of their health
Celebrate Summer with Satisfying, Kidney-Friendly Recipes
Got stress? Bringing your pet to work can help
Back-to-school readiness contributes to your child's academic success
Revealed: The secret to losing weight and keeping it off
Savvy summer fitness and nutrition tips
Everyday habits to help America's infrastructure
Stay hydrated this summer and year-round
Families find hope for rare genetic brain disorder
The surprising health benefits of decluttering
Boomer bonanza: 5 ways to stay in style on a fixed income
Los CDC urgen a las familias a que inicien la conversación sobre la septicemia
Before you stop taking cholesterol medication, consider this
Your health care options explained with this handy guide
5 clever hacks to simplify any family's morning routine
Farming program helps neighbors in rural America fight hunger
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