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Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Ray LipfordSubmitted: 3/9/2011
I recently recieved a nice reminder from the city of Huntingdon, that the most important thing isnt that I spend my money in the city. They needed just alittle bit more. The cameras will not only slow me down, they will keep me out. I will take my money to a city that uses their money for police officers and not cameras.

Submitted By: mike smithSubmitted: 9/19/2011
To The Editor: This past weekend the residents of the Twin Cities experienced in part of what the Banana Festival was like some 30 years ago. The weekend was filled with excitement and expectations that were fulfilled. I would like to congratulate and thank Christy Rogers for a job well done, because without her and all her committees none of this would have taken place. I also would like to thank all the many volunteers that were involved. I would also like to recognize and thank all the City of Fulton employees, Buba Nelms, Public Works Employees, Chief Terry Powell, Fulton Police Department, Chief Mike Gunn, Fulton Fire Department & EMS, Lisa Morgan and the City of Fulton office staff, Ricky Parnell and the Fulton County Detention Staff and inmates. I would also like to thank Kay Martin and her staff for providing important information to the Banana Festival committees and answering hundreds of questions for the Festival staff and the hundreds of phone calls the Tourism office rec

Submitted By: Keith McIntoshSubmitted: 7/6/2012
Since much of the American public are upset about the insurance mandate of the Affordable Health Care Act, I’d like to offer some thoughts on the business and economic activity aspect of the AHCA. Disregarding the rights and political issues, providing healthcare to 2/3 of 26 million new patients means what? Potentially…more doctors, nurses, income, spending, production of goods and services, jobs, more teaching for healthcare professionals, more clinics, more construction, more production of construction materials and equipment, more production of healthcare equipment, and activity in all the areas required to train, facilitate, equip, and maintain the requirements of a larger patient pool. Besides the above, there is potential for secondary and tertiary providers, i.e. finance, logistics, information technology, consulting and legal, real estate and so many more. In theory, at least to me, it appears to have potential for lower unemployment, better health overall as a Nation, fewer l

Submitted By: Kathy McCannSubmitted: 8/15/2012
I would like to thank Ms. Dorthy and Mr. Faye Cain for their recent article about spouses. For the first time, in a long time, I had a belly blast laugh that spewed coffee across the kitchen floor. Thank goodness I wasn't sitting in front of my computer or I would have been out shopping for a new keyboard. In the early days of my marriage my spouse and I agreed that neither of us would ever go to bed angry. If there was an issue that person would sit at the kitchen table until the other spouse appeared to discuss the situation at hand. Well, for the first time, that didn't happen. Perplexed, in my own terrier way, I decided that I would do something that would demand his attention. I promptly took the top five layers of his underwear out of his drawer and stitched the fly shut (of course, you know, that all underwear was rotated with the freshly laundered to the bottom). Then, I waited.. and waited... and waited. No reaction. I couldn't stand it any longer. Just like in Faye

Submitted By: Bette YorkSubmitted: 10/8/2012
Caney Fork Cemetery restoration is well on it's way. I want to send a Thank you to the Sheriff Department, The Highway Department especially. Without your assistance we would not have gotten as far as we have. On Oct.14 The Tinker Family will have a safe place to have the Instillation Ceremony. They will be replacing the headstone of Nathan Tinker, one of original families. We are looking for any one with family members buried at the Caney Fork Cemetery to visit. Some on the family sites include Bawcum,Prince,Sanders,Tinker.

Submitted By: Diane ShepherdSubmitted: 7/11/2014
I have followed the stories about the local animal rescuer charged with animal cruelty and the problems at the animal shelter. The root of the problem is owners who are irresponsible, including those who do not neuter their pets as well as those who let them run unattended. While it is unfortunate that so many animals were found neglected, Bonnie Evans did what she could to address the problem of unwanted animals. What is needed is stricter oversight on county residents who do not care for their animals properly. I also found the sheriff's statement on using only volunteers to be short-sighted. While volunteers are needed, to turn the operations over to volunteers does not address the underlying issue of sufficient staffing and oversight. The county needs to use volunteers to supplement staffs at various county facilities (i.e., library, senior center and animal shelter) but should not use them to replace paid employees. Hiring additional employees is likely to cause funding

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